During this pandemic mask is the only option to gather people and not spread infection. For example, at the public space like park administration has to make sure that person who enter the park has to wear a mask. So for that I make an algorithm which detect the mask person in real time.

What it does

An algorithm classify suspected people (who is not wear the mask). It will detect the human face

If person not wear mask, then "RED" box appear and display notification " YOU CAN NOT ENTER"

If person wear the mask, then "GREEN" box appear and display notification " YOU CAN ENTER"

How I built it

I develop this algorithm in python language. I use deep learning to detect mask on face. OpenCV for real time camera capture image. I also take approximately 500 plus image for both class to train the model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of on that I test this algorithm in several conditions.

There are several kind masks and condition through person can mislead the Deep Learning #tensorflow #keras algorithm.

I test all condition on this algorithm and it pass, almost all conditions. I Choose Six different ways, 4 types of masks and 2 types of conditions.

Algorithms works cool in 3 types of masks and 2 conditions. All detail view present in video.

What I learned

I learned that automation of a machine can ease human life and save the human resource. for example this algorithm save human resource in term of security person. "who check person wear mask or not?"

What's next for Real time mask Detection using Deep Learning

I install this algorithm into the device and make a standalone system that detect the criteria and open and close the gate for space accordingly.

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