Nowadays crimes rates are growing and police are trying their best to handle the situation but it all ends up not getting the instant update to the police of the theft that is happening ,Especially the house robbery , the owner will only get to know when he enters into the house. So in the era of smartphone where you get notification in seconds when one person sends text to other , I thought why not create a system which detect the intruder and sends the notification to the owner instantly .

What it does

The system is being made combining most of the technologies mentioned in the built section.The system is designed in such a way that it detects the motion in the house using camera that has been installed .After which the human detection and recognition is done ,then face recognition is being done and then it decide whether the person is a intruder or a family the images are stored on disk and then a notification is sent to the android application using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging ) with the images that is stored in the disk.

How I built it

I started to study lot of algorithms for each, that is motion detection ,human detection and face detection and recognition .Choosing the most efficient one and then concatenating with the other so that it must be compatible .Then came the web part where we need to store the images that are filtered .After which we started on android application where we came across a new technology called GCM using which notification can be sent to the android app .So we built a andriod application where once can login and check the images of the intruder.

Challenges I ran into

There were only some things that were known to us.But the challenges we faced were lot . Firstly the algorithms that are used in image processing are very difficult and to implement the algorithms is still more difficult.After which we came across the second challenge where we need to study how GCM works ,this was a total different world.

What I learned

Technically lot of new technologies which I might have heard but not used ,I have used that in my project. There are lot of things that I have learnt during these projects firstly ,team work and how the things are handled in the team as a leader.How to work continuously for 20 hours .

What's next for Theuors

The project the computation was done on a Personal Computer ,all the calculation which were used in image processing but as in the real time scenario .This should be made much more compact by introducing raspberry pi on which the information is information is gathered through camera and sent to the disk to store.

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