The major inspiration for this project was when I was waiting for a bus on my way home after college. I had various means of commute to find my way home. But i thought catching a bus would be fine. But the god had other ideas. On that I have to finish my project work and submit it within 9 PM IST. I had already done the majority of works but haven't rendered the final product yet. That time waiting for a bus for a whole lot of one and half hours made me realise that I lost the Project. I was so vexed and got mad that "I had it in my hand till i made a wrong choice of choosing a wrong way of commute". Yes its a silly reason, but it had an enormous impact on my life. That moment i thought i have to do something about this as an engineer. And yeah! Here it is the Prototype version of the RTBTS! Real Time Bus Tracking System!!

What it does

What RTBTS does is, it trackers the location of the bus using its registration number and updates its location in the database constantly. This in turn gives feed to the dashboard where the location, time to arrive, current stop and the reaching time of the next bus is displayed.

How we built it

We built the RTBTS using the deep learning and computer vision technologies along with IoT. It runs on the Neural Network which was done using the Keras Deep learning library. We used the Tesseract computer vision library for the Optical Character Recognition. We created a real time database for the constant uploading of the data about the bus using Firebase. And finally we used HTML5 to design the UI and game and also for interfacing the GeoLocation API.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenge we ran into was how to convert an image into a OC( Optical Character ) which indeed was quiet fun while doing. We also faced difficulties while coding the interfacing part between the bus and the dashboard.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are so proud of the whole project itself. We can say that without using any GSM module we have done it using AI. Yeah! but the project as a whole is a big accomplishment to us because, we did what we didn't have. So the RTBTS as a whole is the greatest achievement for us as a team of two engineering students with common mindset!

What we learned

There is a saying that if you want to learn something, first build it. So we learnt a lot of basics we neglected as unwanted as an integral part of the whole project and some of the core stuffs were joyous to learn and code.

What's next for Real Time Bus Tracking System - RTBTS

The next big thing for RTBTS is that, since we have finished the 85% of the project as prototype with sample data, we are going to implement this project as a large scale finished project for the transport authorities by placing display monitors in each and every bus stops and let the passengers and the authorities enjoy the benefits.

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