We wanted to have fun, so we created a video game. Some of us used Alexa in the past, so we were familiar with it.

We also love robotics, so that's why we decided to create a robot for the game and controlled it with Alexa to make it more fun and interesting.

What it does

We've designed a game.

In the game we have a Robot (car) that moves across the X and Y axis across the floor controlled by Alexa in serch of fuel. The robot must capture as many dots as it can without dying. You can see the dots with a mobile phone through augmented reality.

How we built it

The robot is built with the Redbot Kit controlled by a node MCU. To program the motherboard of the Redbot and the node MCU we used Arduino software.

Alexa is connected to the node MCU through a wireless connection and can command 6 functions: to go forward, go backwards, go right, go left, make a square and make a circle.

The augmented reality video game is designed by Unity and Vuforia.

Challenges we ran into

We Had a many problems with the power supply for the Redbot motors because the 5V from the Arduino controller were not enough and the pins for Redbot motherboard where not specified. We lost a lot of hours in this part of the project.

The second major difficulty we had was with the augmented reality, none of us had ever worked with this technology and it has been a big challenge to successfully build a the game map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Obtaining full control of a robot with voice recognition. With the technology we have we're able to create a very large number of movements for the robot.

Designing a full augmented reality video game with voice recognition.

What we learned

We learned to comunicate Alexa with Arduino, Arduino, Unity and augmented reality.

What's next for cAR

  • Creating more menu possibilities
  • Make the robot more interactive by increasing his possibilities
  • Create more levels
  • Better graphics
  • adding more differentiated interactions between the robot and the augmented reality.
  • Add colisions and scoring system.
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