Pokémon Go as the part of playing a game in a smartphone outside the house with other people.

What it does now

It checks the position of the player and prints it on the screen. You see all streets and important buildings next to you. If it can't get the position, it shows an error Massage on the screen and try's it again after a short moment.

What it also should do

  • dungeons, enemies and loot at special monuments and spread around the world.
  • give the player abilities, like healing,....
  • there should also be a trading platform in it, where player can exchange items

How I built it

As far as for the client we built it with unity as a runable android app. (Finished to about 1%) Severside is done using spring boot offering a REST API. Supports creating accounts, logging in and creating and fetching characters. Uses MongoDB as a backend.

Challenges I ran into

Get things done Markus (Just kidding). Had huge issues with the unity location service blocking of client development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Full working rest api...

What I learned

How hard it is to make a android game without any knowledge how it realy works.

  • Markus

What's next for Real Life MMO

We bring out the posibilities for the player to do special action at monuments in the region. Also the map should be with "fog" and should be discovered by the player step by step.

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