The reason as to how we got the idea for this app is from us having too much stress during our school's finals. We wanted to make a really simple app, which would let the user use two different methods to reduce their anxiety.

What it does

Real-Lief is a stress reliever app, that features two unique stress relieving techniques. The first method, "color generator", produces random hex color values using "math.random". To use it, the user has to simply tap the blue circular button. As a result, the background will change to a randomly generated color. The process is simple, and easy to use. Moreover, the second method, "tremble" is another available option to relieve stress. When the triangular button is clicked, the mobile device vibrates for three seconds. A simple tap, can stop the vibration, and after the three seconds are over, the timer is re-set, and the user can feel free to start again. All of the options provide a back button, to the start screen of the application, allowing a simple transition between each method.

How we built it

Real-Lief is built through the use of Android Studio, using the language Java.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered some obstacles when designing the buttons, and implementing the color generator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're satisfied to know, that we successfully built an app, that any person can use to fight through a stressful experience.

What we learned

We learned how to generate random colors, and control the vibration settings in a phone.

What's next for Real Lief

We're in the process of adding more options a costumer can use to relive their stress. Another possible extension, could be a statistics screen which logs how many times a user clicks in each of the different modes, displaying the options in usage from greatest to least.

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