Artificial Intelligence/Utilizing AI

What it does

This is a React application that takes a city of a photo of an article of clothing and it will let you know if that is appropriate enough for the weather.

How we built it

  • [ ] We built the frontend in React.js and React Bootstrap and the backend is a REST API built in Express.js
  • [ ]We built a trained a neural network to take in a preprocessed photo and return a label for it

Challenges we ran into

  • [x] Getting the application deployed to Heroku
  • [x] Preprocessing the data so that tfjs can use it without errors still is finicky
  • [x] Having the native Geolocator to work, navigator.geolocation((loc) => loc.coords) we scraped that

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a MVP live in under 18 hours; I'm talking about from scratch only boilerplate was from create-react-app;

What we learned

That sleep is very important

What's next for ReadyWeather

To expand into more AI Smart Closet solutions;

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