Most of us here today in this VR/AR/MR event were inspired by the capabilities and ideas brought by sci-fi writers and futurists. One of our team member was inspired by a book called Ready Player 1. Which led our team to come up with interactive way to reenact favorite movies or historical events. With the objective to re-live the moment that we love and cherish.

What it does

It's the Karaoke for Movies in Mixed Reality. Where multiple players can join a scene of their favorite movie and read-through the script. Throughout this experience the Virtual world plays a good part in the interaction of both players. The juxtaposition of both the Virtual components (3D CGI elements) & Real World(you, your friends, everything around) creates a unique experience like no other. This combination is allowed based on the way Hololens work

How we built it

Using Unity, Hololens, HoloToolKit, Windows Speech Recognition, 3DS Max, Maya, SketchUp and lots of patience

Challenges we ran into

1.Developing without a second pair of Hololens, to create the multi share experience. 2.Generating Animated Scenes, since most of the 3D Models were not rigged 3.Dealing with the Network Connections - There is an issue with the Hololens starting the dictation recognition while holding a shared session as a server. 4.Making Shared Networks in the MIT WiFi

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a cool idea, and putting all the pieces together Being able to visualize a MVP after the two days of hard work.

What we learned

Maya, Speech recognition, Unity.

What's next for ReadyPlayer2

Add more experiences (scenes) Improve Graphics of the current 3D models Improve the Spatial Sound Improving the speech recognition UX/UI improvement, etc. Allow more than two players Creating Historical events for educational purposes

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