Noticing the inconvenience of the baby milk feeding process (people manually test the temperature of the milk to determine when it is ready).

What it does

Readymilk is a sleeve that wraps around the baby bottle and monitors the temperature of the milk inside. It tells you the current temperature, and lets you know when the milk is ready to feed to the baby.

How we built it

C, arduino, temperature sensor, grove-lcd rgb backlight

Challenges we ran into

Didn't know how to use the hardware; learned it from scratch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a finished, working product for our first hackathon!

What we learned

How to connect the hardware pieces and software together

What's next for ReadyMilk

Integrate the rgb backlight into the sleeve so that it is smaller in size and waterproof. Integrate bluetooth and a micro processor into the sleeve to wirelessly transfer data from the sleeve to the app. We hope to make the ReadyMilk app so that users can interact with the sleeve to:

  • Choose the temperature that they want the milk to be cooled to
  • Choose if they want to be reminded when to feed the baby milk (e.g. for dads or people new to baby milk feeding)

Built With

  • arduino
  • c
  • grove-lcd-rgb-backlight
  • temperature-sensor
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