Newly arrived immigrants are an untapped resource of skills that would highly benefit the Swedish society as a whole. However, the establishing process is often hindered by language barriers and a lack of knowledge of Where their skills are needed.

By breaking said language barriers and creating a match between skills and the regions of Sweden where they are most needed, we aim to reduce the establishment phase of the newly arrived.

What it does

Ready Work use Microsoft Azure's translation API to create a more reliable and stable translation of Arbetsförmedlingen's data compared to what is presently done, opening it up to be more conveniently used regardless of the user's present language proficiency.

Instead of simply listing the region with the Most job listings for any given skills, the goal is to provide a ranking of where the user's unique skill set is the most needed based on amount of ads compared to population size. This ranking can be further developed to include the user's own preferences as a filtering method.

Ready Work then presents the user with relevant information on the region as well as a listing of job openings matching their personal set of skills.

By also providing a translation service for the job application process itself, Ready Work can help connect the user with employers on a more even playing field.

How we built it

Most importantly: with great teamwork! With WordPress as our plattform we built a plugin to hold most of the API calls and functions to make it transferable between different designs and applications. We used Microsoft translator API, Arbetsförmedlingens open data API and JVectorMap.

Challenges we ran into

To set goals that was achievable within the time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To have achieved results close to our set out goals for the weekend, without too much stress.

What we learned

If nothing else, the challenge has been very inspirational and rewarding.

What's next for Ready Work

  1. To further develop and fine tune the idea and the vision of the application in collaboration with partners with a greater understanding of the target group and their needs.

  2. Complete development of the application and make it more streamlined using MVC and OOP.

  3. Develop a plan and strategy to launch the application to the market, which can be made possible by our diversified team at Ready Digital AB.

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