Connecting women with strong female leaders and their representatives, Ready To Run app is the best way to learn about the latest news and communication from women in the U.S. Congress. Targeting young women, the Ready To Run app presents concepts that are too often tossed off as dry and boring in a new, engaging way. The app encourages young women to learn and connect on their medium of choice – Twitter and YouTube.

The Ready To Run app is both an easy-to-use educational tool to introduce and engage young women with politics and the simplest way to track and comment on what female congressional leaders are saying and doing in real time. The application has something for everyone – from the wannabe policy wonk to the slightly curious young woman wondering why everyone keeps posting “#Hillary2016”.

Some of the app’s features include the following:

  • Explore a map to learn about each female legislator.
  • Read the latest congressional Tweets and watch their latest videos.
  • Watch a curated list of videos explaining how powerful women got to where they are today.
  • Learn about the choices powerful women made when they were young that set them on their path.
  • Connect with your congressional representation and learn a more about your district.
  • Ask questions of or leave comments for your senators and representative.
  • Play a quiz about key facts about government.
  • Learn about the firsts for women in politics.
  • Learn fundamental facts about the U.S. Congress, female politicians and the federal government.
  • Watch a curated playlist of videos of the political news of the day.

This provides young women with the tools they need to both be an informed citizen and to also take action and speak up about the issues important to them. It shows them what steps powerful women took to make an impact and how to set their own trail by becoming informed and vocal.

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