We took inspiration from the “Everyday Carry Movement.” Everyday carry is about minimalism and functionality. You can’t fit a lot in your pockets, so the items you choose need to be designed to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’re working out, forgetful, or wearing women’s clothing, sometimes stuffing your pockets just isn’t the best option - if you have pockets at all.

What it does

We are excited to present “Ready Set Wearables” a set of watchband accessories that are ready to help you carry today’s necessities. We will reduce anxiety, increase compliance with CDC health regulations, and save lives by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Ready Set Wearables enables you to carry essential items like hand sanitizer, a door pull, or emergency medication - right on your wristwatch.

How I built it

How can we carry things when we don’t have a purse or pockets? How can we make that act as convenient as possible? As we sought to solve our problems, we sketched, hacked, made CAD models, 3D printed prototypes, and eventually arrived at a solution that balances wearability, functionality, and popular fashion aesthetics.

Challenges I ran into

Balancing ergonomics and form factor with size and materials that would fit on a watchband.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came together with specific expertise in design, business, and engineering and collaborated seamlessly. We are also proud of the solutions we were able to deliver in such a short period of time and of Liz for making amazing renderings of our team's design. We are excited to continue with this project.

What I learned

We learned to streamline our design process and improved our ability to convey ideas and information as succinctly as possible.

What's next for Ready Set Wearables

We are interested in exploring the process of getting this patented.

Built With

  • 3d-printing
  • metal
  • solidworks
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posted an update

We started the hackathon with the idea to design a fabric face covering that was compatible with an asthma inhaler. We solved that in one day, before we even had the kickoff Zoom, so that's boring. Our second string idea -- to make a hand sanitizer bracelet -- evolved into Ready Set Wearables!

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