Inspiration came from the medical students in Slovakia. They were the first to organize themselves and bravely volunteered to be in the front lines. They started by creating a Facebook group for volunteers from all over the country and communicated with hospitals and other institutions in need.

What it does

Our platform is making connecting volunteers and institutions in need very effective. They can register after answering a few questions that are needed for each volunteering position. They can browse through volunteering requests and filter by location, activity, minimal education needed and much more. After reviewing their profile they can directly apply for the request. An automatic email is generated with all needed information from the volunteer's profile and it goes straight to the hospital or institution. Other than that, the volunteers can share their information and experience and learn from one another by contributing to discussion or by reading educational materials.

How I built it

The project has two parts. One is the beautiful landing page where we provide information for the potential volunteers and who are we looking for as volunteers (only people with experience in healthcare services). Also, through this landing page, hospitals and other institutions can contact us and as for help. This page was first designed, reviewed and then coded (mostly front-end development was needed, back-end was needed only for allowing institutions contact us thanks to a custom form). The content was filled mainly by our copywriter and our team of medics.

The second part was the platform itself. It was created in collaboration with company Solved. We created a custom registration, suitable for the healthcare environment. We also worked together on the automatic email generation and creating ways on how to best filter volunteers and the requests.

Challenges I ran into

Some minor challenges came in the form of official organizations not being flexible and willing to collaborate (specifically one university) but when it came to the really important partnerships such us with the Ministry of Health of Slovakia and other very important names from the ranks of professors, universities and doctors they believed in the project right away and provided their support.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud about the speed that this project was created and the energy that everybody in the team put into it. Also the fact that we had a couple hundreds volunteers registered in the first day after the project launch. We also managed to expand to Cyprus and we are currently about to launch our initiative there.

What I learned

I personally learned about the strength that people have if they try together for a good cause and the fact that if you feel powerless, helping in any way you can is better than just being fearful and doing nothing.

What's next for

We are making efforts in expanding to multiple countries and hope to help all around the world. We actually hope, that our volunteers will not be essentially needed in the hospitals but the point is that they are READY to HELP.

How to access the demo account _ the demo is in Slovak language, please turn on translation in your web browser _

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the email: _ _
  3. The password is: _ yq4f^4Wheqpt _

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