Keeping people interested really matters. Sometimes it's difficult to keep yourself going, when you can't have a real goal. But what if you have something not abstract motivating you? Like some real prizes depending on your progress, that will keep you going harder!

What it does

The application lets you to earn points and even real money with your sports progress. Sports challenges adjusting to your physical level through the use of highly accurate sensors. Compete with yourself, with your firnds, even random people! Create your own challanges, participate in weekly challenges from sponsors and have immediate real rewards!

How I built it

Unfortunately I wasn't able to build any real application or even demo due to the problems with the team. This project is just a concept on paper with very basic design idea.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of time and disagreements inside the team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I still decided to go for the idea and keep the team intact, because the concept was a team effort anyway.

What I learned

If you want something done, do it yourself.

What's next for Ready?Go!

I hope to see it implemented one day, because I would love to have some competition going on in my life (I'm really having troubles to make myself train)

Built With

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