Vehicular safety is important to the world and having automated crash response can lead to many lives being saved. Increased response time of emergency services is important when seconds matter.

What it does

High speed accidents produce a lot of G-force and acceleration, which Ready Freddy uses to check if you have been in an accident.

How we built it

Our software team created mobile apps for iOS and Android using the Ionic framework. Our hardware used an Arduino and Seeed sensors to produce a prototype proprietary unit for vehicle dashboards.

Challenges we ran into

Sensors provided did not provide the ranges required for some applications and our hardware guy wanted to solder. Programmers wanted to sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished!

What we learned

New programming techniques, especially after using JS in an interesting way for Ionic. Cordova was also nice.

What's next for Ready Freddy?

Data collection, two-way communication, multi-country and language support, and hardware sound notification.

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