• One of our teammates works with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

What it does

  • Simulates everyday life experiences for children and young teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the form of an interactive role play.

How I built it

  • Xml. for front end, and Java for back end. The app was built in Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

  • Android Studio has a lot of dependencies that make it very slow with many capabilities so it took a long time to build and run our applications while testing.
  • Limited time to create a connection between the user specified list of shopping items that can be checked off

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Used Recycler View to make the app more interactive and add variable amounts of different items to the shopping list
  • Created the functionality to connect the app to the text messaging app on an Android device but the challenge was we couldn't configure the permissions to showcase this feature in the emulator

What I learned

  • Learned to work with Android Studio for the first time
  • One of our team members had little experience with object oriented programming in Java but learned to maneuver Android Studio and develop some front end/back end and sharing code using git
  • Nobody on the team had any previous UI experience and we were all able to pick up some user interface design skills

What's next for Ready For Action

  • Increasing number of roles available to users
  • Increase interactivity of the app
  • Provide more detailed instructions to the user
  • Saving statistics on the users performance on different roles that can be exported as a report to their parent or guardian

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