Ready does the work to prepare you for every meeting on your calendar. Preparation leads to great meetings, and great meetings lead to great outcomes. We all want to be better prepared for our next meeting, but often we are on the go or don’t have enough time. As a result, we are less prepared than we could be. However, the information we need in order to be better prepared for the meeting is already in Salesforce. What if your mobile device could just remind you of everything that matters about the person, Account, and Opportunity before the meeting starts? With Ready, it can! Ready automatically shows you the information you need to be prepared for your next meeting. Ready shows you the pictures and names of the meeting attendees so you know who is who. You can click to view LinkedIn profiles of all attendees or view Account details from Salesforce. You also see key Salesforce data including: Objectives so you can focus on the outcome you want, Opportunities so you don’t forget to bring something up, Notes from past interactions so you get your facts straight, and Activity History to quickly see what happened prior to this meeting. You can even listen to it while you drive! Ready combines the beauty of intuitive and elegant design with the information that matters most from your Salesforce, calendar, and LinkedIn accounts. The result is a powerful mobile application that will make every Salesforce user more prepared for their next meeting.

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