I realized that existing natural language processing or text analytics programs were focused around providing highlights for very short passages. I wanted to build a program capable of analyzing immensely long texts such as Moby Dick.

What it does

Running out of terminal, a localhost,, or, ReadWithMe enables you to have a conversation with IBM's award-winning Watson about Moby Dick, who learns as you both journey through the book.

How I built it

Integrating the Alchemy API and IBM Watson API in NodeJS.

Challenges I ran into

The largest challenge was deploying the program to a live server, due to limitations with IBM's pricing plan. Another large hurdle was the deprecation of the only Project Gutenberg API for NodeJS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working extensively in Javascript and difficult APIs.

What I learned

How to deal with and deploy a Watson chatbot.

What's next for ReadWithMe

Completing and fleshing out the program over a wider corpus of books.

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