Wanted to create something fun that would be a good use of Snapchat's SnapKit! Did not get to it, but the idea was sharing quotes and good reads could be pretty neat between friends - recommending novels is as easy as using the app which interfaces directly into Snapchat! It could also become kind of a Yelp for reading aficionados, with a whole sharing community, and can even become an book/e-book commerce market!

What it does

Allows you to save your personal favourite reads, allowing you to write down thoughts like a diary.

How I built it

Android studio!

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to use React Native, but not possible on the LAN here, and iteration times was slow with Android studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned android dev!

What I learned

React Native Dev environment, Android Studio Development, Snapkit

What's next for ReadR

Built With

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