Inspiration - Make Toddlers Parents aware to make sure Chandler's children under Eight year's are ready to succeed, thus preparing them for a successful academic and college life.

What it does - For parents, It gamifies the experience of attending a child's daily activities and makes them more engaged in activities for minor's. Besides being such a fun platform, smartphone penetration has also increased exponentially in the recent times and tha application just complements the cause of our NPO.

How we built it - We used Android Studio as development platform to make the mobile application,while using SQLite as the database of choice for our nifty app.

Challenges we ran into - Seeding the live geo-location and merging the application with backend database was a problem we overcame. Also broadcasting Event information in real time was achieved using Firebase as a medium/middleware.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - The special focus of our app is map based real time Event display. Also our system is ready to merge the information pushed from NPO's website, for hassle free updating of application as well as flexibility in usage.

What we learned - Learned to implement a realtime Geo-Location based application and , which is bound to help children too when it will be adopted by parents.

What's next for ReadOnChandler - Spreading the app among users as well as receiving inputs from target audience will be a good pointer of the utility of the application. Also, the app can be further built upon for parents to actually log progress of their child , so that we have concrete data and have an inkling about the long-term change brought by our application.

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