When you want to read a lot but have too little time, ReadMeDo comes to your rescue. ReadMeDo (RMD) plans your reading, intelligently. The user logs into this application using GoodReads and RMD gets the to-read and read books list from their account using the GoodReads API. Using the HarperCollins API, RMD gets the content for the books and calculates the readability score for all of them.

Looking the complexity level of your read books, RMD decides what books are easy/medium/hard for you to read. The application's web interface asks the user to select reading slots. These reading slots are of different types: daily commute, bed-time reading, dedicated reading time and long vacation. RMD assigns the to-read books to these slots based on their complexity level. For commute/bed-time reading, RMD allots an easy/medium complexity book. For dedicated reading slot, hard books can also be assigned. The central idea being: an assignment of books into reading slots which maximises a user's reading efficiency. ReadMeDo enables you to read more.

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