As a child, I always struggled with my reading assignments; I often found it very difficult to find inspiration to continue reading. The passive and solitary task did not appeal very much to me, but when I found something I enjoyed reading, it was easier to dive deeper, but more often than not, a good read is hard to find. I just wished there existed easier means to finding a book that interested me, and I wished there had been a more collaborative aspect with the task of reading. With all of this, the MarkDowns present ReadMe.

What it does

ReadMe is a platform where students can receive assignments from their teachers, read along with their parents and teachers, and receive recommendations based on what they've read.

How we built it

The Heart

As the MarkDowns prepared their work stations with their computers and downloaded the necessary software, they came to a halt as they remembered that they had to prepare the most important facet in the project: the heart. After a brief, but necessary, meditation session, we then started up our machines and hit the ground running.

The Bare Bones

The MarkDowns thoroughly discussed their plans and then came the meteor. At this point, the MarkDowns knew how to react.

The Body

Now that the infrastructure had been laid out, it was time for us to piece together all the different parts of the system. This would include the different users types for our project, the views and privileges of those users, and the overall functions of the application.

The Mind

But what would ReadMe be without the intelligence? ReadMe not only provides the platform for sharing all your reads, but it also provides intelligent suggestions using machine learning.

The Skin

Blue and white are nice colors.

What's next for ReadMe

npm i

run development

npm run dev

build for production

npm run build
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