Readitate aims to help people soul-search through the use of literature, a practice known as bibliotherapy. Think of it as a form of meditation through the written word. We believe that reading fiction has a therapeutic effect that has yet to be harnessed.

What it does

Readitate is a search engine for book recommendations based on how you're feeling. Whether you're disillusioned, joyful, abandoned, or adventurous, you'll find the perfect list of books that relate to your current emotional state.

How I built it

We used flask, python, and heroku to deploy.

Challenges I ran into

This was the first time any of us used flask, so figuring out the project directory and how to route files was challenging. We also tried to build a Javascript auto-complete feature but ran into technical issues with an older version of Jquery.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our site works!

What I learned

Openlibrary's API turned out to be less than optimal, but we were still able to make a decent prototype of our idea.

What's next for Readitate

We've acquired but ran out of time to map it to the herokuapp site. With more time, we'd love to scrub the Openlibrary API more to generate a better targeted list of results for each emotion, as well as increase the complexity of emotion inputs.

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