We text parents FREE tips to help prepare their kids for school.

Each week, we present weekly activities tailored to your child's unique development by text.

These are fun and effective activities that develop children's literacy skills and help parents create language-rich, nurturing and responsive home environments.

How does it work?

Our team of scientists, educators and technologists design easy to learn and effective parenting strategies based on insights from research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and early childhood development.

Each strategy is broken down into fun and easy steps.

Every Monday we send you a text personalized for your child's needs.

On Wednesday we check in with another text helping you stay on target.

On Friday we send another text to reinforce the goal.

The service is tested and highly appreciated by a small group of beta-parents.

The next step is to automate the process, connect to Twilio through their API, and make the website an engaging experience that shows the personalization tool in effect.

The "TRY IT OUT" button below ought to read "check out my first stab at creating a web interface."

During the hackathon, I completed the web interface, updated the layout, and began adding Twilio integration as well as support for oovoo two-way video chats.

Ultimately, we will allow social service providers, schools, pediatricians and care-givers to have two-way, gig-powered interactions with their clientele.

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