I am an avid reader so when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, losing access to the public library really impacted me. Furthermore, my eyes are very sensitive to light so I can't read at a computer screen for long. With this app, I wanted to be able to keep track of which parts of a book I've read so that I can take breaks and pick up where I left off. In addition, this website allows me to write down my thoughts about what I read and then share them publicly if I choose to.

Background, Development, and Challenges

This is my first ever hackathon and my first web development project which I have hosted. I knew about Flask and HTML before, but to make this project great I had to expand my technical knowledge. Along the way, I learned: -Bootstrap to create the front-end -HTML response codes, website routing, and security -Flask -Jinja2 to dynamically create HTML -Database relationships

The biggest challenge was rigorously testing the responsive front-end elements. Before this project, I had never paid much attention to front-end design. But, because this was something I was actually going to use in my personal life (and wanted to share with my friends) I made sure all the pages looked great, were easy to use, and made use of Bootstrap's full capabilities.

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