“The right book for the right child at the right time.” - Anne Carroll Moore

To move from someone who knows how to read into a lifelong bookworm means connecting a child with the right book at the right time. Parents want to find those books. Some have been lucky, but most are STILL searching for the perfect discovery tool.

Reading Tollbooth is that answer. Our tool

(1) facilitates book discovery for everyone interested in reading books with children and young adults using a mathematically-based measurement system; (2) Offers multiple points of access to obtain reading material, i.e., both libraries and retailers. (3) Allows for reader-preferred platforms: audio, digital, and print. (4) Promotes reading through better context management in book identification and recommendation; and (5) Incorporates a philanthropic purpose of literacy support to at-risk readers.

Our audience is kids and teens; our demographic is the adults that multiple studies have shown guide them to the book that hooks them on reading. By keeping our interface simple - and ad-free - Reading Tollbooth is both attractive and accessible to bookworms and dormant readers, and safe for children to use.

Using our expertise as literacy experts, and our connections within the children's literature world, we we have the tools and resources to make this happen.

In a nutshell: Reading Tollbooth is a web-based tool that harnesses the power of social discovery to offer a personalized reading experience for families and teens. It is Pandora® for books, only better.

It has a RESTful interface written in PHP/laravel and uses backbone.js framework on the front end. Some functionality works on a local server, but we cannot demo from the remote server at this time.

To read more about the methodology, audience and demographic, underlying research data, as well as monetization options, click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rymas1kf7uzx4k/ReadingTollboothFoundationDocument.pdf

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