We wanted to create something that would benefit others. Furthermore, we all wanted to learn about AI and ML and this seemed like a great way to combine the two. We hope that our experience in this hackathon will help with future projects.


Based off several questions and your response it would use ML to determine where you would rank among other K - 12 participants.

What it's made with:

We used Flutter/Dart for the frontend. We didn't need to store any memory so not much backend was required. We did program a python script using pandas and tried configured it to TensorFlow to use a dart API for the ML.

Challenges we ran into:

Learning ML in a day was a bit too ambitious. We couldn't figure out a way to connect the data we had with the mobile side within the time we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Considering our lack of experience with ML, we decided to tackle it anyway. We worked pretty intelligently trying to work through it.

What we learned

We learned the basics of AI and ML. Also, we learned how to work well together in a team and how to face challenges that came in our way.

What's next for reading rAInbow

Hopefully, we will figure out how to connect the ML side with the app, so the reading level test can be more accurate.


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You-Do-You Prize

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