Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow is the World's first application to have multiple collections of popular, classic, new, and old books in one place for users to read in a couple clicks. All the user has to do to read the book of their choice is open the app, either scroll through the library or books we have, or search for the one they are looking for, then click the read me button. All it takes is those 3 easy steps.

Our target users are any type of readers who either read for enjoyment, read for pleasure, or read just because they have to. Our application makes it possible for everyone to have access to any book in a matter of a couple clicks. As well, instead of having to go out to a store and buy a book, or rent a book to read it for a couple days, or check a book out and face the fines that come as a consequence of losing the books, we offer this service completely free of charge.

In addition, Reading Rainbows was created in under 24 hours at HS Hacks II 2015. It was very challenging to create in such a short amount of time, but in the end we were able to complete it successfully. Visit our website

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