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We wanted to work with open source publications.

What it does

Creates an account for reading open source publication books where you can challenge yourself to reading goals and earn achievements.

How I built it

Soumya: firebase for authentication and data storage Alexa: html,css,js for templates and form creations Becca: json/ajax/fetch for creating accessible book list

Challenges I ran into

Collaborating on github is hard!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks nice and Soumya did a fantastic job with making the authentification work.

What I learned

Soumya worked with firebase for the first time and both Becca and Alexa had never been involved in a hackathon before, so the communication and practical code application were all new.

What's next for Reading Incentive Website

There's plenty more we could do. New ways to create challenge, adding more open sources books... there's plenty of possibilities!

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