We were inspired by the need to motivate kids to stay in touch with the world outside of the computer screen. Reading is an amazing way to keep kids engaged and entertained in a way that can not only develop their minds but help them grow as a person. Our website is a great motivator to do just that in a way that is kid-friendly and fun for everyone!

This webpage encourages children to want to read during their free time. The interactive map design motivates kids to make reading a daily habit, which is proven to decrease stress level and increase kindness. The webpage also informs users about our mission and some fun facts about reading.

We used our basic knowledge of HTML and tried our best to include HTML and CSS stylistic and interactive elements to build our website.

Since our team does not have a lot of coding experience, we found that we had many coding problems such as syntax errors and variable errors to maneuver around. However we learned and used our knowledge of coding to get past these problems and create a functional and interactive website to meet our goal.

As a team we are very proud of the teamwork and effort we put together to truly build this website. Creating interactive buttons and a reading map that is able to advance up many levels are two accomplishments that our group truly cherished while creating the Reading Buddies website. As beginner coders who have never really coded an entire project before, putting this amazing website together during this hackathon was an amazing experience where we were really able to put our coding knowledge to use in a way designed to help others.

We took inspiration from the power of reading. We learned about how reading improves peoples’ lives and decided to build off of that to continue the theme of “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” (the giants being reading’s impact on the world). Through this process, we unlocked the power of teamwork. Never having met before, we collaborated on our first ever hackathon and with our very limited coding experience, we were able to collaborate to create something we are truly proud of.

We see Reading Buddies becoming an interactive tool that kids and students would use everyday to track their reading progress. Expanding the Reading Buddies website to spread motivation to kids internationally will not only encourage kids to expand their knowledge in a way that is entertaining but will bring together a community of kids who aspire to read around the world. We hope to inspire kids of the next generation to develop a passion for reading.

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