We love to do everything in Confluence. And I mean everything. From our development documentations over our contracts to the company retreat planning. The only problem is, especially with long texts, that it's hard to read over a longer period of time, because of the small font size and long line width. Some of us used Safari's reading mode others just hit ⌘+ a few times. But that was annoying in the long run and in reading modes we couldn't comment or use special macros.

That's why we built the Reader for Confluence.

What it does

The Reader for Confluence add-on gives you the ability to activate a special reading mode in any Confluence page. That relayouts your page and makes it easier on the eyes.

You can configure the layout of the page on the fly. The add-on enables you to:

  • Change the overall theme (light, sepia and dark mode)
  • Adjust the line width and line spacing
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful fonts

Challenges we ran into

We fought a little with the JavaScript and CSS Confluence ships with. But overall it was very smooth sailing.

What's next for Reader for Confluence

We plan on gathering customer feedback internally as well as externally and want expand the functionality from there.

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