Some children have trouble reading out loud. We want to make a system in which kids can have a fun time reading out loud by providing a reward system that allows them to also be part of the story using augmented reality.

What it does

The child would read a sentence out loud and the sentence would be transcribed using Google's Speech Recognition service. When their speech matches the sentence, the child receives a prize in the form of a new AR face filter (a virtual mask). That mask would be related to the story (eg. if the story talks about a puppy, the mask would be a puppy).

How we built it

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Cloud Platform. Face tracking was developed using tracker.js

Challenges we ran into

Team members did not know how to use Node.js or Google's Speech Recognition Service / Cloud platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get the AR web application to work and it was able to place a mask on top of the user's face. And we devised a business model by having a series of books that can be sold and have different filters.

What we learned

Node.js. CSS. Google Cloud Platform.

What's next for ReadAR

Improve the head tracker so that it doesn't stutter the masks. Also, have the voice recognition system be better and display it in read time instead of waiting for it to show up on the bottom.

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