Stories are an essential cultural code. Storytelling often includes tools that create memorable connections between us. When we tell our stories in a tangible way, we create healing realities for ourselves and each other.

Unfortunately, today connecting gets harder and harder, even though we are social creatures. At times like these, we crave honesty, connection, & a deeper understanding of things.

This project is a path made especially for the creative in us all, interested in using storytelling as a tool for community and healing. By participating in reading and writing stories we begin to understand each other more effortlessly. This is why stories are important, they help bring us together for more unity.

On this app we invite you to explore storytelling in all sorts of shapes and forms. Poetry, free flow writing, dramas, comedies, romance, and style of storytelling that allows you to feel expressive and free.

What it does

It's supposed to allow a user to write a story, Piece of poetry or just random thought and link it to their current location for other people to find. Stories are anonymous and people can read the story as soon as they enter the stories radius

How we built it

We used Java to develop an android application. It makes use of Googles Maps API for android and was meant to use CockroachDB to store the stories and location data.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't get to finish the application and the learning curve for some of the tech was steep.

What we learned

How to add map functionality to android applications and setting up APIs on an android application. Also how to collaborate with and build a project with people in different timezones.

What's next for Read Story

A fuller implementation of the functionality with a user friendly interface

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