We love our grandparents, but they don't always understand us. To grow closer to them, we decided to make this program that would help them understand what we send by translating our acronyms.

What it does

We created a website where your grandparents can submit your texts and emails. The website will read through the submission and replace acronyms with their definitions to make it easier for them to understand. It will then return the text in its newly legible form.

How we built it

We created an html5 webpage where users could submit their files. Javascript submits the text to a python program that scans through the text for any acronyms or slang on our database (which has almost 6000 pieces entries). The text is replaced with its definition, and is then handed back to the html5 page, which displays the translated text.

Challenges we ran into

The initial database did not have many day to day acronyms that we used, so we had to update it. Lack of clear communication was also a detrimental factor. Technical challenges such as getting the pictures to render were also issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are pretty proud of getting our python flask code to finally work, when it wasn't working for a long time.

What we learned

We learned how to create dynamic html5 webpages, and that google sheets is oddly useful to open up .csv files.

What's next for Read-ability

Updating the acronym library. Slang changes at light-speed these days, so staying up to date is important. For the more-game oriented grandparents we might include some of that slang that was not included in this update. We are also looking to let users save their own acronyms and slang that their family uses. We might also branch out into slang from different languages.

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