Read is an app for iOS, Android, Google Glass that helps you read faster.

Read flashes words at high speed in your Glass, one at a time.

Because you don't have to move your eyes when you Read, you spend less time scanning for words and more time understanding them. We've found that after just a few minutes, many users can read at least 600 words per minute - nearly 3 times as fast as the average reading speed of 220 words per minute.

You can add things to Read later while browsing normally on your iOS or Android device. Simply share to Read, and articles and books will become instantly available on your Glass.


Read uses Readability to parse articles that it receives. It coordinates using a Django backend server. Frontend mobile applications are written for iOS, Android, and Glass.


Read was created at the inaugural CalHacks by Gurjit Singh, Paul Moulton, James Carr, and Allen Li.

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