We were originally wanting to do something with RapidAPI, but could not get that working in time, so we pivoted and created a little tutorial/guide through some of the features of react.

What it does

This webpage contains a few tools for someone to "customize" their React webpage, including a slider for heading size and a color wheel to choose their background color. Each of these features also updates real-time to show what code the user would have to write to achieve the same outcome.

How we built it

We started from scratch using react's create-app, and built in dynamic and static features by hand from the ground up.

Challenges we ran into

Since we pivoted a bit late into the hackathon, we scrambled for a bit trying to come up with an alternative idea. Also, Javascript and React had their own challenges for us, since we are mostly novice coders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actively communicated and pushed our work through GitHub without breaking anything. We finished with a product we are generally proud of generating in roughly 15 hours. This project could be expanded into many industries and the concepts could be reused for other programs.

What we learned

24 hours is not a lot of time. Communication is paramount to success. Having an idea coming into a project does not mean it will stay. Versatility is easier to say than accomplish.

What's next for Reactstrap Playground

Unfortunately, this hackathon might have to be the lifespan for this project, as we are all busy in our schooling and career searches.

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