It all started with when I wanted to build custom UI for one of the clients and came to realise that most popular React UI packages doesn't support full UI customisations as per my client's requirements, so naturally I needed something that does that. React Pakistan packages focuses on maximum reusability and full customisation of it's UI pieces.

What it does

It provides Generic to Specific level of React & React Native UI components, that can be customised as per your design specs. It brings along responsive capabilities and theme integrations right into it's core. It also encompasses util functions for React & React Native sharing reusable logic across various packages.

How I built it Docusaurus

Since there are several packages being published under the banner of ReactPakistan, we needed a way to document things for the wider community. We picked Docusaurus over others, because it is so elegant to use and that we could reuse our components from the React Commons Collection since, both of them built by React.

Challenges I ran into

There are a tons of challenges that we ran into while developing series of ReactPakistan packages, most daunting one was to generate 1000's of SVG icons as React components on the fly, for both React and React Native. We ended up writing complex bash script to automate the entire flow, not only that we managed to make it so flexible that now such libraries are auto maintaining itself, number of icons doesn't really matter, the same script works for n items.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud to build and architect the entire project, keeping clean code quality principles in mind, covering 90%+ code coverage, using TypeScript over JavaScript and be able to maintain an enterprise level codebase single handedly.

What I learned

I learned that, a large codebase can be handled single handedly if it's been architected properly, using Test Driven Development approach, using CI/CD to automate things and document things for your own self and the wider community.

What's next for ReactPakistan

We shall be expanding towards, strengthening the Docusaurus documentation repo, can't wait for Docusaurus 2.0 to launch. Also, we aim to build more meaningful React and React Native app using our React Commons Collection and React Native Commons Collection, so please stay tuned with us.

Star, Fork & Share

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