I started this React Native Tutor repository as a tutorial, which later converted into a full-fledged React Native app. I wanted to develop an app where people can see the live example along with code and explanation all at one place in one app alone.

What it does

One-stop destination to learn React Native. A full-fledged mobile app for aspiring developers who want to learn React Native. I have added a web app for the same using Docusaurus 2. Features of the app include -

  • More than 10+ step by step written tutorials (beginner to advanced) along with examples and code (embedded private Github Gists) that help people become React Native Ninja.

  • Exclusive tutorial on topics like Async Storage, Permissions, Animations, and Deploying React Native app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Find New React Jobs (worldwide) every day and Apply online instantaneously.

  • Beautiful UI

(Updates Made For The Global Round)

Mobile App Update

  • added tutorial on Animations, ES6 Essentials, in the app.

  • Added a new feature - Code Snippets. Developers can now search for ReactNative Code snippets. I have used while developing this feature.

  • Added sources of the assets in the code.

Tutorial Update On Github

Based on the feedback-

  • I have changed (40%) of the tutorial in a way that it now differs from the content. People can now develop the first two screens of the ReactNative Tutor mobile app. (View the Tutorial for the same)

  • The steps are now absolutely complete and accurate. I have tried my best to make the tutorial truly beginner-friendly. However, if something is incomplete or inaccurate, they can raise an issue in the repo as steps to run the app is included in the tutorial.

  • Added Table of Contents, sources of the Assets, Emojis, Prerequisites (Language, Level), and Gifs.

Web App Update

  • Added tutorial on

  • Added Tutorial on ES6 Essentials, npm

  • Added a lot more Docs and Pages along with embedded Youtube Video,

How I built it

Developed using ReactNative, Github Jobs API,, Docusaurus2, React, Facebook Analytics, and many other open-source libraries.

Challenges I ran into

Oh! It was really difficult! Developing content was the toughest part. It took me days. Don't want to talk about it. I am glad I finished the project. I had lots of fun. Hats off to the Documentation Engineers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned an entirely new framework along with developing something useful that will help developers. I am sure of that.

What I learned

Everything about Mobile App Development using ReactNative and Docusaurus 2,

What's next for ReactNative Tutor

Will add more tutorials in the app on topics like

  • Performance Analysis In React Native
  • Reducing the ReactNative App size
  • Developing React Native Games
  • Animations In ReactNative
  • Building an ML Mobile App.
  • Filter Job Search as per user location.
  • Gamify the app using Async Storage

If I get more than 100 stars on Github, I will fix all the performance issues, deploy the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store (Just kidding, I will anyway make the changes and deploy the app. Its just in the testing phase at the moment ) and localize the web app in Hindi and Spanish Language.

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