What it does

Reactive assist with your live action games. If can keep track of players, teams, and scores. Currently it is set up for the game Assassins.

Challenges we ran into

This is a project we built during a 24 hour hackathon (TAMUHack). This was each member on our team's first hackathon so the challenges started there. This website also utilized languages (HTML and Python) or API's (Flask and Cassandra) that we had little or no use. A major challenge that we had to overcome was figuring how to use the these tools. The other major challenge was the time constraint. We had to figure out what could feasibly be finished in the time allotted. This meant we could not try to build every idea that pops into our heads. These are just a few of the challenges that we ran into while creating Reactive.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It works. We may not have completed all of the ideas that we had in mind, but we finished the core ones. We are very proud that in 24 hours we could learn how to use some new tools and create a functioning website with them.

What's next for Reactive

In the future we would like to add more game modes and make the website more comprehensive. We would also like to add some more features such as:

  • Find a game nearest to you
  • Ability to have admin accounts
  • Have accounts connect and share to social media accounts
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