As mass visual entertainment consumers, we judge the quality of a video typically by the number of likes it has or its rating. We believe those aren't enough. One video can have good and bad parts to it, and those bars cannot be captured simply by one metric. We want to add depth to the entertainment experience. We don't simply like or dislike a video, we react to it.

What it does

Plays a video for you while recording your facial expressions Uses machine learning to decode your real-time emotions, and adds it to a live emotion bar. Shows other video recommendations, based on your reactions.

How we built it

_ Machine Learning _, React skillz and stack overflow

Challenges we ran into

Binding functions to components :'( Not overloading our API :''( Accessing nested objects :'''''(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working prototype Build something that actually solves a problem and has potential of being much more

What we learned

How to build an app in half a day, how to utilize the amazing APIs out there, and the great react modules

What's next for REACTions

Generating viewer history/reactions and recommendations based on other viewer's reactions

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