React Webpack Starter

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A boiler plate for creating react applications bundled by webpack (using ES6, Babel, SASS and webpack development server)


  • ES6 => ES5 code transpiling (with Babel)
  • Styling with SASS
  • File bundling with webpack
  • local development with the webpack development server


To run this project, you’ll need to install node 5 and above the latest version of Node.js is recommended. You'll also need a global installation of webpack and the webpack development server.

npm i -g webpack webpack-dev-server

The dependencies of this project are managed with yarn (see installation guide here). However you can simply use the node package manager, npm for your dependency management.

Setting up

  • Clone this project to a folder in your local machine bash git clone <FOLDER_NAME_HERE>

Installing Packages

  • For those who love yarn

    yarn install
  • For those who love NPM

    npm install

Runnning the bundle

 yarn run build


 npm run build

Running the app in Development

Run npm start to intialize and run the webpack development server. Navigate to http://localhost:3000/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Running the app in Production

To run the app in production build of the app, use either of the following.

 yarn run production


 npm run production


MIT © Temi Lajumoke

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