React Native Emoji Input

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A performant, customizable keyboard input for React Native. Built for and used in Opico.

Emoji Input Example


npm install --save react-native-emoji-input


yarn add react-native-emoji-input

Default Props

Prop Description type
onEmojiSelected A handler for the selected emoji function

Optional Props

Prop Description type default value
keyboardBackgroundColor Set the background color of the main keyboard pane string '#E3E1EC'
categoryUnhighlightedColor Set the default color of the category icons string 'lightgray'
categoryHighlightColor Set the color of a higlighted category icon string 'black'
numColumns Number of emoji columns to display number 6
categoryLabelHeight The height of category title number 40
categoryLabelTextStyle The text size of the category title object {fontSize: 25}
emojiFontSize The default size of the emojis number 40
categoryFontSize The default size of the category icons number 40
numFrequentlyUsedEmoji Max number of frequently used emojis in the section number 18
showCategoryTab Whether the categories should be shown or not boolean true
enableSearch Whether the search bar should be shown or not boolean true
enableFrequentlyUsedEmoji Whether the frequently used category should be shown or not boolean true
defaultFrequentlyUsedEmoji An array of keys for emojis that will always render in the frequently used category Array(string) []


    onEmojiSelected={(emoji) => {console.log(emoji)}}
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