I created a proof of concept app using react-native that connects to storefront.


We are going to be developing a brand new mobile app for the Design Binder project and currently have a shortage of iOS developers. Since we already use react everywhere, we could leverage our existing full stack and front end developers to build the mobile app using react-native.


I was able to implement authentication and session handling as well as a basic browse page and PDP. I found I was able to reuse all of the existing endpoints used by the current iOS app.

Through building this proof of concept I learned quite a bit about react-native and would highly recommend we start building things using it.


  • Would allow us to share some code between web and app
    • If structured correctly, this could end up being a large portion of the code
  • Allows full-stack or frontend developers to implement features on app
  • With a little work, you can compile the same app for iOS and Android
  • Compiles to native code
  • You can mix react-native and native code together
  • Excellent documentation
  • We can reuse existing app endpoints when needed
  • React native handles cookies and session natively


  • Existing app developers would need to learn js/react if they wanted to work on react-native features

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