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I tried to make a bee-themed RTS. I failed, but this came out of it.

What it does

Shows you mesmerizing, complex, non-repeating patterns generated with a set of simple rules. It's amazing how such a simple set of rules can give you something like this.

How I built it

React.js, all the way. Credits to Hexagons are drawn as svg. A generator served as the data source for the game board.

Challenges I ran into

Learning react in one day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning React in one day.

What I learned

It's important to write clean code and write code with the future in mind. I went through a few dozen hexagon-drawing libraries, and only one was simple, clean, and pretty enough for me to adapt it.

What's next for react-hexlife

  • User-specified starting conditions
  • Interface for specifying survival rules
  • Android port with react-native

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