All forms of electronic currency should be accommodated in DApps and it should be easy for DApp developers to interface with various forms of electronic cash systems

What it does

This is an npm package that provides a React component that handles electronic cash integration

How we built it

We combined various wallets and fiat gateways into a single component and published it to the npm register.

Challenges we ran into

The various crypto wallets and payment gateways were supported on disperate test networks which prevented them from targeting the same test addresses. Additionally, a CORS chrome extension had to be used for some gateways, but using the extension broke other wallets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get WYRE and FORTMATIC to function within the same web app. We also got to publish an npm package.

What we learned

We gained a greater understanding of the complexity of of handling KYC/AML in the open source ecosystem. We also gained a greater understanding of how the different services have used different user interface strategies and how that affects developers' user experience.

What's next for react-ether-button

We intend to keep working on this npm package because we believe that it will be an invaluable resource for other developers. We will also be sharing solutions that we discovered with the greater web3 development community (Tutorials and documentation).

Built With

  • ethereum
  • fortmatic
  • javascript
  • npm-package
  • portis
  • status
  • trust-wallet
  • web3
  • wyre
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