We, at Zenithech, believed that in order to tackle the challenge, a comprehensive solution was needed that would include:

  1. An app for the person at risk for suicide which provides them with helpful resources, safety plan and appointment information (ReachZ).

  2. A companion app for the care provider to work collaboratively with the person at risk in order to formulate a safety plan/follow-up appointments and share it with them using QR Codes (ReachZ Companion App).

ReachZ is a personal tool that enhances the continuity of care and follow-up for a person at risk for suicide. The app integrates vital resources, reminders and safety plan information to create a positive environment and help save a life; because we think, “Life is beautiful”.

  • ReachZ provides helpful information to the person at risk, based on their current feelings.
  • Flexibility to either create a safety plan directly on the smartphone or scan the safety plan from the care providers ReachZ Companion app using industry standard QR Codes.
  • The safety plan information integrated within the app provides an enhanced experience.
  • It provides easy access to contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline using various options such as Call, Text and TTY.
  • It also provides access to Social Media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube.
  • It also provides easy access to the Crisis Center / Treatment Locator.


  • Intuitive user experience.
  • Easy access to Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Safety Plan creation/integration using industry standard QR Codes.
  • Appointment integration with native calendar & reminders.
  • Crisis Center/Treatment Locator with geo-location and click-to-call.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Multiple device support (currently iPhone & Android smartphones) with easy expansion to other platforms.
  • Insights into the app usage with emphasis on Warning Signs and their past occurrences.
  • Offline access to safety plan and other useful resources.

The ReachZ Companion app provides physicians/care providers a simple and intuitive tool to create, store and share safety plan and appointment information with their patients.

  • ReachZ Companion app helps care providers maintain and share patient information such as Safety Plan and Appointments.
  • The safety plan information captures and stores details about the following sections for future reference:
  • One thing worth living for
  • Warning Signs
  • Internal Coping Strategies
  • Positive Distractions
  • Contacts (Personal & Professional)
  • Making the environment safe.
  • Transfer Safety Plan and Appointment information to the corresponding patient’s ReachZ app using QR Codes.


  • Intuitive user experience specifically designed for tablets(currently Android).
  • Patient, Safety Plan & Appointment maintenance.
  • QR Code generation of Safety Plan and appointment information.
  • Ability to tag patients as Veteran.
  • Care Provider Profile Creation
  • Automatic addition of Care Provider details in the Safety Plan.
  • Automatic addition of Emergency Contact in the Safety Plan.
  • Email Safety Plan as PDF.
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