Giving a contribution for to the planet we live is always a good inspiration, isn't it? ;)

What it does

Encouraging car owners to share trips with other people in order to reduce pollution and therefore contribute with our planet

How we built it

We analyzed the problem, did a brainstorming of possible solutions and divided the tasks among the team according to members' skills.

Challenges we ran into

Google Places API is not free. We were kicked out by Bing for sending multiple request some hours before this presentation. No sleeping :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A different idea, made out of the box. A nice and scalable PoC, which allows us to show the potential of the solution delivered.

What we learned

Working with fantastic people is awesome! React Native development is slow.


Use Google Places API to get coordinates of a place. Look for nearby places. Finish gamification. Add recurrence for trips. Add multiple cars. Look for companies to sponsor rewards. Deploy to app stores. Security and authentication.

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