The inspiration to build it came from the observation of two things: That there is a difference in resources in schools due to which many rising talents are not able to show their true potential and social media is becoming so powerful that its model can be used to foster educational growth.

What it does

This app helps in connecting schools and helps in sharing educational resources which aim at bringing equality in education.

How we built it

we built it using python, HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that as this was my first hackathon so we were able to build in the specified time and more importantly were able to network

What we learned

We learned how to manage time and built a required piece of software, I learned how to use software to build new ones and learn from others, I learned how networking can be a huge boon.

What's next for Reacher

Next, we are trying to optimize and build a more attractive user interface and put a more strong backend so that we can launch it in the real world and try to connect as many schools as possible.

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