Helping the disabled of the world regain the full potential of mobility they onced had through advanced robotics.

What it does

Simulates, through detection of nano muscular motions, the motions that an healthy arm would be able to do.

How I built it

Using several servomotors, the Metawear and the Myo we created the perfect arm emulation.

Challenges I ran into

We missed mechanical parts and tools to build the whole setup. Originally, there was supposed to have a camera in the system, independent of the arm, which should move independently from the arm. The lack of hardware made it difficult to assemble such a system.. We had difficulty getting reliable data from the Myo for your arm. There was calibration and adjustment to match the user's speed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to quickly get up and running with all our development platform (IDE, GitHub, Slack, etc.). We started acquiring data very fast from the device, enabling a fast development and fast validation of our strategy. We were also able to split task efficiently to achieve efficient developpment.

What I learned

We learn a lot about external API, how to dive into a device in a rush time, understand its function and pinpoint the actions and data you want to receive from the arm.

What's next for ReachARM

Many paths could be taken. We still have to determine in what field we want to develop, either industrial, medical or consumer market. We believe having a robotic arm who reproduce your arm's movement enable a world of multiple possibility and we want to explore the one with the most beneficial impact for the planet. We also intend to develop a low cost version of the input device (MYO) that trace only the movement, not a specified action, so we can have more input movement from the arm, hand and fingers.

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posted an update

We made it saturday, the arm is moving with our movement! The prototype is ready for a demonstration. We need some adjustment with speed, we will finish it sunday. The first goal was to move the arm. The second goal was to implement an hand, but we miss mechanical parts.

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posted an update

It's time to sleep, we took the friday night to finish the conception and begin understand the acquisition of Myo device.

We had preference to develop with Python in this project, so we searched some SDK or library in Python to control it. We use some tools to understand the inertial measurement unit into the Myo.

We decide to use the platform ROS to improve the facility to communicate with other device and the GUI. All our development is published here :

See you tomorrow!

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