Reach is inspired by the Warm Hand-off modality, getting a patient into treatment after an overdose. The REACH team thought, what are some other REACHable moments BEFORE an overdose that we can be a touchpoint for people in addiction, one right in their pockets.

What it does

Reach is a 24/7 text based hotline that connects people in addiction with people who've been there: certified recovery specialists have life experience in recovery and additional certification in behavior change theories like motivational interviewing and transformational stages of change. In addition, REACH uses the deidentified data to find patterns that can uncover gaps in care and special populations that have barriers to care for needs assessments and feasibility studies for innovative development and expansion of Drug and Alcohol services and other social needs agencies.

How we built it

We connect clients using Twilio and leverage Slack as an interface for managing private conversations. We use ES to store the data and Apache Unomi as a CRM.

Challenges we ran into security, policy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

...creating a system that using existing CRSs and organizations to create a much needed service ...using the data to inform funding, innovation and better understanding of opioid addiction and treatment services

Built With

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